Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an acute respiratory infectious disease. Common symptoms include fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of smell and taste. It is spread by the distribution of droplets from the nose and mouth in the air, from surfaces or through touching the face.

Due to the global pandemic, the UK ‘locked down’ in March 2020. Until recently, Government advice and guidelines caused non-essential businesses and premises to close.

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Relaxation of lockdown

However, on May 11th 2020 the UK Government issued a document entitled “Our Plan to Rebuild: The UK GOV COVID-19 Recovery Strategy” that provided a step by step road map phased for reopening the economy whilst taking every measure to control and contain the spread of the virus.

Rules began to be relaxed in June and July 2020. The key advice remains to stay safe, stay alert and control the virus. Government guidelines encourage us all to take precautions and take personal responsibility for considering the level of risk that Covid-19 poses.

Why put yourself and your staff and clientele at risk within the environment you work in? Prevention is better than cure. Making Bio-Blitz part of your decontamination & disinfection routine is one way to help.

COVID-19 Sanitisation, Disinfection and Decontamination Services

The Bio-Blitz team offers, through its combined qualifications, training and experience, professional services that guarantee a top quality-deep clean every time. Our bio-fogging and virus sanitisation spraying methods is an enhanced sterilisation technique. It creates a fine mist which eliminates 99.999% of pathogens that cannot be reached by conventional cleaning methods alone.

Before bio-fogging takes place, the Bio-Blitz team decontaminates all high touch and contact areas with a screen disinfectant. Then the bio-fogging process works by filling any workplace with a fine mist. The bio-fog particles are so small they remain in the air to kill off any viral and bacterial contamination. They do not just provide a rapid kill against bacteria and viruses. They also provide a barrier on all surfaces that continues to work for up to 30 days after the initial application.

The Bio-Blitz team are certified to Health & Safety Executive, COSHH & BIC standards.

Health and Safety Executive

24 Hr Specialist Service

The Bio-Blitz specialist system is easily transportable. If you are searching for ‘coronavirus cleaning companies near me’ from premises in London or the South East, we can provide a quotation and get the bio-fog disinfecting, decontaminating and sanitising job done on the same day.

Call us now to arrange a Bio-Blitz quote for any size or type of workplace. We can normally be with you within 24hrs.

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