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If you are searching for a ‘specialist cleaning service near me’, Bio-Blitz might well be just what you are looking for. The Bio-Blitz team offer specialist professional cleaning in London and across the South East.

Bio-Blitz differentiates itself from other local companies by using bio-fogging and virus sanitation equipment to disinfect and decontaminate the environment during office cleaning in London and beyond. Bio-Blitz’s powerful non-irritant, biodegradable, alcohol-free bio-fogging mist acts as a deep virus cleaner suitable for a wide range of applications.

It ensures office spaces, workplaces, other premises and their associated furniture, equipment and surfaces remain safe for everyone to use. Its atomised bio-fog solution eliminates pathogens that cannot always be reached by hiring traditional local cleaning services alone.

Is there a specialist cleaning company near me?

As a local cleaning company for London and the South East, Bio-Blitz makes protecting office space, workplaces, schools, nurseries, places of worship, doctor and dentist treatment areas, restaurants and bars and even vehicles easy and straightforward.

Any space can be effectively sanitised more quickly than using most available traditional business and office cleaners alone. Bio-Blitz’s bio-fogging and virus sanitation equipment can sanitise, disinfect and decontaminate 1000m3 in under 90 minutes. Spaces are accessible again in 15-30 minutes.

‘UK Government advice requires frequent cleaning of all objects and surfaces that are touched regularly in your workplace.’

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Keeping London and the South East safe

The task of controlling and containing the COVID-19 virus includes new responsibilities for business owners and managers across London and the South East. There are many local cleaning companies out there with but few use the latest fogging equipment, tools and techniques as part of their standard package of office deep cleaning services. The role of safely sanitising, decontaminating and disinfecting London and South East workplaces to keep everyone safe is a challenging one. Bio-Blitz’s local professional services are here to help you.

Bio Blitz Fog Cleaner

Cleaning Services London

You may be wondering if there are ‘any specialist deep cleaning services near me?’ Can they safely sanitise, disinfect and decontaminate my workplace and keep my customers and employees safe? The good news is, yes. The Bio-Blitz team is ready and available to come to your rescue with a specialist sanitising, disinfecting and decontamination service.

The Bio-Blitz bio-fog is a deep viral cleaner comprising a surfactant, biocide and complexing agent. It is approved to British Standards (BS EN 1275 to BS EN 14476) and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standards. It is 100% biodegradable, PH balanced and skin and food safe. Bio-Blitz Bio-Fog is tested by microbiologists to kill viruses, fungi, algae, MRSA, C-Diff, E-Coli, salmonella and 99.999% of other bacteria.


Specialist Office Cleaning Company, London and the South East

The Bio-Blitz specialist system is easily transportable. If you are searching for ‘professional cleaning services near me’ from premises in London or the South East, we can provide a quotation and get the bio-fog disinfecting, decontaminating and sanitising job done on the same day.

Call us now to arrange a Bio-Blitz quote for any size room. We can normally be with you within 24hrs.

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